Friday, June 29, 2007

If We are Colorblind, Will We Not See Brown?

This post, paltry as it is, is dedicated to Big D, Babu, and my students. Because of desegregation, because of integrated schools, I met all of them and my life is so much richer - so much more "color-full" - for the knowledge.

Enough of my own rage at my own inteligensia-class problems. Historians may one day mark yesterday as the day that the Supreme Court overturned the Brown decision, much as Brown overturned Plessy.* Because, if I were to begin to comment on this decision, my rage would make me completely incoherent (hence, I shy away from political posts), let me direct you to some sites where the writers are more skilled at focusing their own political rage:

In related Civil Rights discussions, see "What is this Going to Cost Me?" by GayProf at Center of Gravitas.

*I understand, from some legal scholars, that, technically, this is not precisely true; but practically, Plessy legalized segregation, Brown began the end of segregation, and this decision seems to approve of segregation.

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Ed Darrell said...

We know what happened to the Little Rock 9. They graduated, went to college, organized. They mattered.

See that little woman behind Elizabeth Eckford, the one with her face all scrunched up as if it's being consumed by an epithet? What is her name? No one seems to remember. Where is she today? I've never found anyone who knows.

Racism makes the racist small, and sometimes makes the racist vanish. That's a good reason to avoid racism, it seems to me.


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