Saturday, October 18, 2008

Drama, Scene 3: Enter the Socialists

Between the Doobie incident and the student incident, I found myself unwittingly implicated in violent socialist revolution.

Last year, in my second half history class, I had a student who is a member of one or the other of the two or three socialist political parties that appear in big cities. He exhibited all of the traits of socialists that I had once known back my semi-activist, wannabe-radical days. He was wicked smart, very well read and informed on working class issues, an excellent and fearless speaker, and a prosteletyzer.

This semester, he contacted me about being the faculty sponsor of a student event. He and some student recruits wanted to hold a panel discussing capitalism and socialist alternatives. I also think that they wanted to drum up interest in creating a student group, never an easy task at a commuter, community college.

I agreed. After all, this is a rather timely subject given the current nosedive in the economy, many of our students to feel politically disempowered even as they have this burning desire to "do something," and, like I said, the socialists tend to be very informed on the types of working class and immigration issues that directly affect our students. Plus, for myself, I felt like I would be using my own position within the system to help the students empower themselves, should they so choose.

As the young folks say, "it's all good."

Again, my naivete rears its clueless head.

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dykewife said...

naivete can be a good thing sometimes. i use it all the time. it keeps me sane at work on a frequent basis.


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