Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Recipe

Historiann is posting Thanksgiving recipes. I post my contribution early because it may come in handy in preparing the rest of the meal:

The Traditional Holiday Margarita:

1) Frozen Margarita mix (quality does not matter. Frozen limeade works in a pinch)
2) Tequila (the higher the shelf in the liquor store, the better. Trust me, you DO NOT want to skimp on the tequila. To paraphrase a friend, use of low quality tequila leaves you feeling so badly that you won't believe that a person could be in such pain and still be alive.)
3) Ice (from the refrigerator.)
4) Salt, if you like that sort of thing.

1) Blender
2) Glasses (or twisty straw)

To make:
Put mix in blender. Pour tequila in blender. The mix can says use 1/2 of the can's worth of tequila, depending on your relatives, you can use up to 2. I've been told that in-laws require at least a full can. Add ice. Blend. Pour into glass. Drink.

Some people like salt on the edge of their glass. You can do that if you like that. Some people insist on a lime wedge. Go there, too, if you must; but, really, that takes time and effort and the kids are screaming, and your mom and grandmother are fighting for the prime spot on the cross, and your brothers are starting up the annual ass-whooping, and your dad is running through his oeuvre of fart jokes. Time is of the essence here.

If you are running low too soon, you can use more tequila to stretch the recipe. You can also dispense with the glasses and just drink straight out of the blender; or you can replace the ice, mix, blender and glass with a twisty straw.

If that doesn't help, I know someone who has a great brownie recipe; but chocolate is really more of a Christmas treat. He also might know someone who knows someone who can get some ingredients that could start the new tradition of family rave.

Lagniappe: This recipe makes this song sound good:


Hahn at Home said...

I'll be enjoying some holiday Port - and Chinese food - if I can find one open.

vuboq said...

vuboq likes a splash of triple sec in his margs. also, he prefers limeade over the frozen "margarita mix."

my cousin (the brother of the SuperFantastic Cuzin) makes really good margs that have a bottle of corona in them. And, actually, the cheaper the tequila, the better the marg. I don't know why.


ps. you sure have been posting a lot recently! YAY!

Roxie Smith Lindemann said...

Another excellent musical accompaniment to a holiday gathering with margaritas is Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas from the Family." It's hilarious.

Flavia said...

I had four last night (not of my own creation--at a bar). Wasn't sure they were really right for the holiday, but am glad to see they have Clio's stamp of approval!

Notorious Ph.D. said...

Ha! Yes, that's great. Except at my family, *everyone* fights for the prime spot on the cross.

Happy thanksgiving, Clio! My recipe is coming tomorrow.

Ann said...

Love it, Clio B. I will keep these in mind for Christmas dinner!


Clio Bluestocking said...

Lori, did you find some good Chinese? That's all the better since you didn't have to cook it!

Vuboq, the triple sec and limeade thing is a good recipie, but it just requires too many steps!

Roxie, that link is hilarious. It reminds me of home, for whatever that is worth! I once had a boyfriend from Connecticut whom I took home for the holidays. He had some moonlight and magnolias idea about the south. Imagine his snooty horror when my sister-in-law tackled the basset and the bloodhounds to clean out their ears, and my brothers slipped out to a secluded spot to spark up some herbal refrshement. That relationship ended pretty quickly. He left me for a blueblood who bought him a boat. Ironically, I had met his family. They resembled the one in the video, as well.

Notorious, some of my family members will stake claims lower on the cross. "No, no, you take the higher place, I'll just stay down here and suffer." It's like a branch cross on the cross. Ain't it fun?

Historiann, please do! It makes the holiday that much merrier!

Clio Bluestocking said...

Whoops, I didn't mean to leave you out Flavia! Your margarita recipie is much better: get someone to make it for you!


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