Monday, January 19, 2009

The Coolest Thing that I Saw At the National Archives

Forget the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence (which, by the way, are all still there and without visible redaction). THIS was the coolest thing that I saw in the Public Vaults at the National Archives:
This is the Homestead application for a farm outside of DeSmet, South Dakota, made by Charles Ingalls. As the title on the label says, it was "Land for a Little House."

I swear, my 8 year old self emerged and I squealed like a little girl when I saw it.


Hahn at Home said...

Third grade - my teacher read us the entire series. I was so captivated, I immediately went out to build a cabin with my dad's tools. He was not amused. This is very cool.

Clio Bluestocking said...

Ooh, you had access to tools! I'm so jealous! My neighbor friends and I built all sorts of lean-tos and contraptions that we called "cabins." That we weren't killed was pure luck! I also demanded -- and actually received -- a sunbonnet, which I wore religiously for about two years straight.

When I grew up, in my early twenties, I went back and re-read the whole series. They are really quite good, with stark and precise prose. We had great taste, even at 8!


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