Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I awoke this morning to this view from my window:
An ice sheet covered all of the panes.

On Thursday morning, before I left from my holiday stay, I took this picture:
When I was quite small and we lived in Minneapolis, my granny came to visit one winter and told me about a very bad little boy who was put in an icicle as punishment for his very bad behavior. If I were bad, she said, she might have to put ME in an icicle. I pondered that for a while. What would the world look like from the inside of an icicle? I think that pondering bought my granny a minute or two of silence.

Although only two or three years old, I didn't really believe that my granny would put me in an icicle. Had we had icicles this big, however, I think I might have been seriously frightened.


RPS77 said...

We're getting snow here now - and then we're supposed to get ice on top of it later today! It looks like more shoveling at my new place, with some ice chipping added in.

Those are huge icicles - they make the ones I've seen around here look pretty wimpy by comparison!

Susan said...

Well, I guess you now know what the world looks like from inside an icicle... pretty weird!


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