Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is This MY Life?

I seem to only be able to blog when I need to bitch and moan, these past few months. The odd thing is, if a historian in 100 years were to read this, they would assume my life was just terrible. Aside from the whole PITA colleague episodes, my life has been pretty damn great. I just haven't been able to blog because the real life is busy in mostly good ways.

Also, the desire to write about all of the good things has put me into a multiple identity crisis. How do I keep Clio and not-Clio separate in the blogosphere, especially when all of not-Clio desperately wants to share these accomplishments with Clio's audience. I suppose as long as the two names are not directly connected, then that ever cliched and illusional public/private division can be maintained.

So, great things! Finished two book reviews. Wrote a long talk about Anna, which I delivered in two places, then turned half of it into an actual chapter. Presented the chapter at a workshop and got great feedback. Got a revise and resubmit on the sister article. Submitted a few paper proposals. Applied for a few grants and workshops; and, just this week, found out that I got the one that I wanted the most because it would allow me to do the most research. Thank you NEH! Your tax dollars at work this summer, everyone!

The bit of news that I am dying to tell I should not jinx because it isn't actually on paper just yet, but should be by the end of Friday -- weather permitting. If all works out, however, I shall get my wish of last fall and be able to spend more than a few days overseas. By "more than a few days" I mean a year. Not on my own steam, but in a way that will allow me to spend the entire time researching and writing.

If all works out, too, some of what I have been doing this past semester will have been a de facto interview, I will have to start scavenging the halls for boxes, and somewhere down the line an adjunct may finally have a full-time job.

Finally, if all works out, I will be permanently practicing heterosexuality (although I don't want to go so far as exerting legal privilege until it is a universal right).

I look on all of these riches and think, "Holy Shit! Is this MY life?" My aunt said that if, back when life was hell, I had known all this would happen, I might not have been so sad. If someone, at that time, had told me this would all happen, I wouldn't have believed them. Yet, here I am: employed and with a prospect, government-funded, and working on a book that is under contract with a great press. My aunt was right back in those hellish days, back when I was having a birthday crisis and feeling time was so short and feeling that I had made a colossally wrong turn and didn't think I could ever find the right turn. She said that women are at their prime between 40 and 65. That seems to be true for me because I seem to have been finding my purpose and place ever since. I hope it lasts long past 65.

I mean, holy shit! This is MY life!


nicoleandmaggie said...


Notorious Ph.D. said...

This is all kinda awesome. Congratulations!

GayProf said...

Wait -- Blogs aren't supposed to be about bitching and moaning? Are you sure?

Yay for extended travel!

Digger said...

Very, very, very YAY!!!!!!!!

Ink said...

Super FABULOUS! Congrats, Clio!

Janice said...

Congratulations, Clio and not-Clio! Very well-deserved good news.

Susan said...

WooHoo! HipHipHooray! Etc. I will keep fingers and toes crossed until Friday!

And speaking as someone who has really hit her stride in her 50s, yes, I think for many women the professionally generative time is later than for many men. And it's not because I had children.

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

This is so great to hear. (Susan's comment is very encouraging for me, too.)

Feminist Avatar said...

SO??!! It's Friday! Inquiring minds want to know the result. I need something to distract me from the Royal Wedding hype...

Historiann said...


I hope you'll be at the Berks in June so we can catch up.

Clio Bluestocking said...

It all appears to be a "GO"!

Nicoleandmaggie: :D, indeed!

Notorious PhD: Definitely awesome!

GayProf: Of course blogs are for bitching. Always. But sometimes you have to throw in something happy or whimsical, just to shake things up and provide contrast. It makes the bitching ever so much more strident.

Digger: I want to jump like a cheerleader for all of the "yay."

Ink: Herky time!

Janice: We both thank you.

Susan: It just goes to show how youth is overrated, especially for women.

Dame Eleanor Hull: Thank you!

Feminist Avatar: Oh, heavens! You must be getting the Royal Wedding worse than we are. Seems I will have the "luck" (hint) to be nearer to it all, too, next year, when you know the news will all be about the next generation of Royal Spawn.

Historiann: Absolutely I will be at the Berks in June. See you there!

sptc said...

This is so great, Clio!!!


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