Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Dublin Castle. Centuries of time converging in the architecture. Styles from the Norman period, the eighteenth century, the twenty-first, and all in between.

Alas, I show this image not for the Castle itself, but for a much bitchier purpose. Let's zoom in on the couple at the center shall we?:

Apparently American boys are not the only ones who like to go around with their underpants showing; or, as I can't help but thinking of it, "showing their ass." Americans are also not the only ones to go around with their noses to their cell phones, although you do see much much less of the cell phone fetish here than in the U.S.

Notice the young woman, however. She wears shorts with tights. The first time I saw this combination, I thought it was an oddity, a personal choice or quirk of taste. The fifth time, I thought, "are we doing this now? Is this a trend?" The tenth time and beyond I was certain. Then, I saw this in a display window:

Shorts -- booty shorts, short shorts, walking shorts, cut-off shorts -- any kind of shorts, and tights seem to be a thing among young women. "We," however, will not be doing this. Not only did I do this already for about a month back in 1992 with walking shorts, not only is it silly, but, tights or not, the weather here is freaking cold!


Feminist Avatar said...

But this is why we need the tights? Cause it's summer so we need to wear shorts, right? Right. But, it's cold, so we need tights. But it's not that cold - 15-18 degrees is summer here!

Not that this is a look that I am championing I might add.

feMOMhist said...

it reminds me of the shorts with boots trend, but i must admit it is kinder to those peeps without the legs for short shorts. Tights camouflage a wealth of sins.

Susan said...

Dunno. I think people in London text a lot more than people in the US. Not sure about Emerald City, but I saw lots of it this summer.


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