Thursday, August 04, 2011

Political Post (sort of)

I don't do politics because I get so enraged and feel so powerless and alienated that I can communicate in nothing but the language of Fuck, with a little bit of general profanity thrown in for variation. After all, to listen to the political rhetoric, I and almost everyone I know and care about are not real Americans -- even those of us born on military bases in the alleged heartland -- and have no real rights that those self-proclaimed "real Americans" are bound to respect. Heck, according to those "real Americans," some of us are barely considered human or even sentient beings, and any education or critical thought or consideration that profit is not necessarily a true measure of worth on our part only proves it.

Fortunately, people more erudite in the language of Fuck feel the same. As I jogged along on the treadmill this morning, with three different "news" channels going, alternating between maliciously inane reporting and reporting the maliciously inane, this song started going through my head. I thought I would share:

Also, I rather adore Matt Damon for this:


Courtney said...

Matt Damon is made of awesome. Did you hear (or read) the speech he made at the rally before the interview you posted? I got tears in my eyes.

Digger said...

<3 the Fuck You video. It may become my first digital music purchase, because I can't get it out of my head, and that's a good thing.

Also: What you said.


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