Friday, December 16, 2011

Remember Reverb?

In my obnoxiously self-pitying mood of yesterday, I came across this:
  • December 15 - Chapters.
If you divided your life into chapters what would you call them? What chapter are you in now? What chapter is next?
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So, I submit:

Why Do I Do These Things to Myself?: A Memoir of a Self-Piteous Depressive
 (Because if I don't pity myself, who will?)

Chapter 1: "Wait, We Ordered a Child, Not This Squawking, Squirmy Thing!": I Am a Prodigy of Self-Loathing

Chapter 2: Were the Brothers a Necessary Addition?: I Enter the World of Misogyny

Chapter 3: Fake a Happy Childhood and Ignore the Misogyny to Avoid the Beatings Until Moral Improves: I Escape into Books, Learn to Pretend, and Write Novels

Chapter 4: The Ophelia Years: Is High School Really Necessary and Useful to Anyone?

Chapter 5: Minimum Wage Sucks!: O.K., so the Parental Unit Was Right about Something

Chapter 6: Credit for Reading Great Books: Yeah, the School is Sub-Par, but It Opens a World that Minimum Wage Can't

Chapter 7: The Breakdown: I Reach the Limits of Being a Good Little Girl and Collapse for Two Years Straight

Chapter 8: The Miracle of Prozac

Chapter 9: They Can Kill You But they Can't Eat You -- Can They?: Who Says Grad School Isn't the "Real World"? People in the "Real World" Could Never Survive this Beatdown

Chapter 10: The Miracle of Prozac and Feminism: I Become Obnoxious but Awake

Chapter 11: Doctorate Attained: You Earn the Damn PhD from the Shit They Put You Through, but They Won't Give it to You Until You Finish the Damn Dissertation

Chapter 12: Finding The Big Guy

Chapter 13: The Road Not Taken Was Not Taken For a Reason

Chapter 14: Stepping Stones In Something Approximating the Right Direction

Chapter 15: The Miracle of Psychoanalysis: Dismantling a Lot of Fundamental, Bad Ideas  - with Peeps!

Chapter 16: Holy Shit! I Might Actually Have a "Happily Ever After"! [Current chapter]

Chapter 17: Now, How Will I Manage to Royally Fuck It Up? [Next chapter]

The End!


Ink said...

That is amazing! Great chapter titles (and you struck a bunch of chords with me/my experiences, wow).

But you're *not* Self-Piteous. You are awesome.

vuboq said...

Where is the chapter on how meeting vuboq changed your life? ;-)

Also, wrong post for this comment, but i'm too lazy to scroll down. Have you looked into getting a GPS watch for your runs? That would help you track mileage/pace info. Nike and Garmen (sp?) are the two most popular brands.

decrepitude said...

I'm a military history Ph.D. candidate, so probably not your usual readership, but I really enjoy reading your blog and this post.

XKCD doesn't hit much for historians, but this one on becoming great is particularly apropos for this post:

I am the satisfied owner of a Garmin Forerunner GPS and I really swear by it. The long runs have helped me think through stuff I need to do for my own dissertation.

Clio Bluestocking said...

Ink: Thank you! You ain't so bad yourself!

VUBOQ: Did you not read the chapter about having everything I want?

VUBOQ and Decrepitude: Thanks for the suggestion. I had no idea such a gadget existed. I wish I had known in time to ask Santa!

Decreptude: Would you beleive I once almost went into military history?

Also, that's an awesome comic! Thank you, I needed it!


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