Friday, April 20, 2012

A Quiz

Question: Who said this?:

I didn’t know, for instance, that when the Pilgrims set up their little community – first of all, they were required to be communist. That was in their charter. Communism is that old. It was mandatory. And as a result of that half the people died in the first year. They opened up the Bible, and said “Oh, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.” They turned it into a free market system and they took off and flourished from there.

A) One of those students who does not show up often for class, doesn't take notes, doesn't read the textbook, then, on the exam, pieced together this answer from half-remembered information from who knows where.
B) Your stoner brother in the smoky haze of a particularly bad bag of weed.
C) A character in a bad episode of "Drunk History."
D) A "perennial student" who is running for the Texas Board of Education and whose "activism" includes a long list of organizations with "Tea Party" in their names.


Yes, a woman who says "there are not enough educated people out there" goes on to show her own spectacular ignorance. I want to believe this is a prank because it is just too funny to be true. I mean, really!: dollars in the 1600s? Did they have Washington's picture on them? "Communism" was a requirement of the Pilgrims? WTF?

Sadly, I know the Texas Board of Education is the worst joke ever played on the minds of the people of Texas and -- through its command of the textbook market -- the rest of the country.

This almost makes me want to move back to Texas, run for office, and try to put some sense into that state. Someone should. If the big wigs in the history profession really want to effect change, maybe they should put that in their grand design addresses and include running for office on Boards of Education as acceptable professional activity.


Susan said...

I guess she hasn't read the book of Acts, which is pretty clear on early followers of Jesus selling everything and sharing it. It says the Christians were admired because there were no poor among them.

Clio Bluestocking said...

Has the Tea Party issued a talking points memo on that, yet?

Val said...

So if anyone wonders why I've scrimped & saved & sacrificed to give my son private education...

Clio Bluestocking said...

Hi Val! In total sympathy with that.


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