Saturday, April 14, 2012


Generally, I think of research and writing as two distinct activities. Research, the collection and assembly of evidence, leads to writing, the arrangement of that evidence in narrative form.

Of late, I've felt that writing actually extends research. The overlap of assembly into outline into letting the argument of the narrative take over have made all of one piece. The writing part exposes the holes in the research, and the research drives the narrative, which turns the whole process into a loop.

The days of greatest fun come when I flip back and forth between the two, sometimes ranging wide and sometimes training microscopic attention on some puzzling detail that does not quite fit like it should. Those days may not end with a higher word or page count, but they give the words on the page greater depth. Even if they do not accomplish that, at least not obviously as of yet, they ensure that I cover every line of inquiry, they eliminate blind spots from which stupid mistakes or obvious oversights surprise me.

This has been one of those fun days, and I don't yet want it to end.


Cyn said...

Glad you had an excellent day. And I agree--the two activities inform each other in exciting ways.

Cyn said...

And yes on the Twitter account for Not-Clio!

Contingent Cassandra said...

The buzzword that occurs in assessment instruments for one of my august institution's current projects is "recursive," as in "research is recursive," and we hope that our graduates will emerge knowing that. Sometimes assessment instruments are actually right.

Clio Bluestocking said...

Cyn, it's in the works, as soon as I can figure out how to sync blog updates in the Book of the Face and Twitter.

Contingent Cassandra, well, you know a broken clock is right twice a day!

The term "assessment instrument" has me now trembling and curled in the fetal position.

Cyn said...

If you mean have your Twitter appear in the Book of the Face, you just go to Twitter and make the account, then in the control panel ("Edit your profile"), there's a place to connect to FB and you just sign in and then the accouts are linked henceforth.

If you mean have Twitter automatically note when a new blog post goes up, I do not know.

Also, if you are on WP, I think you can connect your blog and FB but I don't know if that's available on Blogger.

Ok, so I don't know very much, I guess, but I tried!

Clio Bluestocking said...

Cyn, thank you! I did mean for Twitter (and the Book of Face) to automatically notify about a new blog post. Alas, Blogger seems to be Teh Unhelpful in this regard.

Cyn said...

There IS an app on FB which automatically posts new blog posts on your timeline...can't think what it's called but it's The Blog App if you scroll through the apps.

So you can do that! But I think you have to throw the URL up on Twitter yourself. Unless you're at Wordpress, in which case I think you CAN do it. Not sure how but I think I've seen the options to "connect" with Twitter on WP.

So...maybe it's time to move Le Blog? Which, by the way, is supereasy...would be happy to give directions, just shoot me an email if interested. Not that I think you should move. It just might allow you to do your thing, postwise.

Or if you're starting a new one, perhaps start it there and see if you can do it?

/end rambling advicey blabber


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