Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Will Remember

I'm taking off for whirlwind week on the Continent that will include several days in France. Then, back for a day or two and off on a whirlwind trip through parts of England and Scotland for anther week. After that, we pack to head back.

I confess, that I"m still powerfully ambivalent about this past year; but, whatever frustrations I've had, be they the appalling garbage service, the woefully inadequate appliances, the daily encounters with piles of dog poo, my own financial setbacks, the frustration of not writing as quickly as I had hoped -- I could go on ---  but, whatever the problems, if I could go back to last year, I would do this. I would pack more workout clothes, more jammies, all of the turtlenecks, my trench coat, more books and notes, a better backpack, and fewer nice, work clothes

That's it. Except for those trifles, I would do all of this again. And again, and again. I've been very lucky in this year, and very lucky in my partner.  That will be what I remember.


Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Yay! What a good feeling to have. Enjoy your Continental trip!

Susan said...

Have fun in France! Enjoy the cheese, the wine, and the chocolate!

Janice said...

Enjoy your trips and I'm glad that you're able to, while clearly remembering the reality of the experience, choose to focus on the great and positive elements of your adventurous year!

Cyn said...

Have a wonderful time!

Contingent Cassandra said...

Sounds like a very good year, all things considered (and yes it is, of course, a sign of health to be able to weigh all the things involved, and see and build on the positive).

For whatever it's worth, a relative who works in academic publishing (and writes fiction on the side) tells me that academics are notorious for underestimating the time necessary for a writing project. (S)he thinks that it's a cultural thing, brought on partly by the need to set unrealistic goals from very early on (i.e. during the dissertation stage) in order to garner institutional support. Even though you didn't have to tell a department or fellowship-granting organization that you'd write a book more or less from scratch in a year, I suspect the cultural expectation that it's theoretically possible (even if rarely done in practice) still played a role.

I'm very glad you'll be spending your last few weeks there enjoying being in Europe (and making the most of your investment in getting there) rather than beating yourself up about not meeting unrealistic goals. Also, it sounds like you really do need some resources that will be more readily available stateside. At least that means there's an upside to returning.

What Now? said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about your Irish adventures this year. Enjoy the new adventures that await you!


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