Wednesday, September 05, 2012

More Fabulous Sherlock Nerdiness

In Edinburgh we HAD to have a drink here:

This was a pub across an intersection from Arthur Conan Doyle's birthplace. The menu was exactly the same as in two restaurant in which we had dined in York. Still, the interior decor was lovely, and we were there for the drinks.

Signs and fliers insisted that a statue of Doyle stood in front of the location of his birthplace. We wandered around, up and down all streets in all directions, but only found this:

A marker near his birthplace: "ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. Creator of Sherlock Holmes was born at No. 11 Picardy Place formerly opposite here on 22nd May 1859." Alas, there were no houses opposite, only a parking lot. No statue of Doyle anywhere to be seen, either.

Instead, in a little square next door to the pub, we found this statue:

If a grasshopper is supposed to be good luck, I suppose two grasshoppers means double the luck; and, if those two grasshoppers engage in activities that produce more grasshoppers, then your good fortune must be astounding!

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